Best Kayaking in Texas

Texas may be better known for high school football and the saying that everything is bigger in Texas. However, it is also home to some of the best kayaking in the United States. Here are a few tips for kayakers seeking to explore the best stretches of kayaking rivers in Texas.

Eric Shelton Texas

  • Blanco River is close to Wimberley, Texas. The best section of the river to kayak here is the Pleasant Valley Crossing all the way to Wayside Drive. This is about a 3 to a 5-hour journey that takes you through moderate levels of difficulty. The section is about 9.5 miles long and will take you through beautiful rolling hills and large, challenging boulders.
  • Brazos River is a moderate level journey that takes about 2 to 3 days to complete. The best section of the river is between Texas Highway 16 and FM 14, nearby Mineral Wells, Texas. The journey is about 20 miles long, and you will witness hills, valleys, and incredible wildlife. The area is a flood zone so make sure to check conditions before you leave for your trip.
  • The Memorial Park to Woodway Bay section of Buffalo Bayou is an easy 3-mile journey close to Houston, Texas. This is a relaxing section for kayaking that will take you 1 to 3 hours at the most. You will go right through the center of the Houston.

Eric Shelton Texas is an avid kayaker who has explored all the great kayaking areas in Texas. His favorite place to go is Brazos River because of the proximity the river has to his home. In early 2015, he and his business partner founded Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC.


Eric Shelton Texas – Cattle Herding Tips

Cattle herding is a skilled task that requires lots of hands-on experience. It is not something that you should do alone, nor is it something that should be done without any preparation. You need a plan in place for any unexpected scenario and at the very least you need to be able to react quickly and correctly. Here are a few tips for herding cattle.

•    It’s best to move the cows in the afternoon because then the herd will arrive at their new pasture in the evening when the calves are ready to sleep. A herd will stay where the calves are sleeping, therefore, to make it easier for yourself, get to your destination when the calves are ready to sleep.

•    When moving the herd, make sure that the cows and calves are not getting separated and that they have time to graze. Calves will easily get lost if separated. Letting cows rest and graze will be easier on you and the herd in the long run.

•    Stay with the herd once you have arrived at the new pasture. This is called the “defusing movement.” Stay with the herd until they have settled down and started grazing. This tells you that they cows are at ease and won’t separate from each other in a panic.

Eric Shelton runs his family ranch in Texas. He is responsible for taking car of the logistics of taking care of a farm including the livestock. His family ranch his home to a herd of cattle. He is the president and co-owner of Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC.

Eric Shelton of Texas – Work Hard, Play Hard

Eric Shelton of Texas says that his success has been the result of putting in blood, sweat and tears, plus constancy. He says discipline and dedication are the main keys to being successful, but that doesn’t mean to give up the fun. He is a businessman and president of his own company, who has years of experience in the energy industry. Eric Shelton enjoys what he does for a living and wouldn’t change a thing in his life. Eric Shelton says that this is the result of both a natural talent, as well as through hard work and dedication.

Eric Shelton Texas
Eric Shelton Texas

Eric Shelton feels that dedication is an important trait to have because without it nothing will get done. It’s very easy to say we want a better job or a healthier family, but without the dedication to follow through on those statements and make them happen, they’re just empty words. If everyone decided tomorrow that no one was going got go to work, anywhere, what would happen? Trains, Airports and buses would shut down. Stores would not open. Schools would be empty. If, however, everyone was dedicated to their lives, communities and jobs, then everything would continues to function from day to day without much trouble.

Additionally, having no dedication means, for younger individuals, would be no motivation to do things like continue their education. For older individuals it would lead to the loss of a job, family and home. Day to day life would be disrupted, and societal and personal changes might never have a chance to occur. It’s important for society to feel dedication for making a difference in the world.

Eric Shelton of Texas – Evolving Energy Industry

Eric Shelton Texas is a dedicated businessman and owner, who currently works in the energy industry to keep wells stay safe and efficient. He enjoys working in this field, because it is exciting and full of twists and turns. Eric Shelton says that the United States and many other countries throughout the world are entering an energy crisis. He believes that it’s important for the energy industry professionals to come up with new innovations that can assist in finding energy solutions in the future.

Eric Shelton Texas
Eric Shelton Texas

By the early 1970s, American oil consumption was on the rise even as our domestic oil production was declining, which lead to an increasing dependence on oil imported from the Middle East. Despite what was occurring, Americans did not seem to worry about the dwindling supply or the extreme spike in prices. Instead they were encouraged in this attitude by policymakers in Washington, who believed that Arab oil exporters couldn’t afford to lose the revenue from the U.S. market. Unfortunately this erroneous thinking was demolished in 1973, when an oil embargo imposed by members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) led to fuel shortages and sky-high prices throughout the 70’s.

Even though the oil embargo was lifted in March 1974, oil prices remained high, and the effects of the energy crisis created problems throughout the decade. In addition to controls being placed on prices and gasoline rationing, a national speed limit was implemented and daylight saving time was adopted year-round for the period of 1974-75. Environmentalism reached new heights during the crisis, with various acts of legislation being put into motion such as the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act (passed by Congress in November 1973).

13. Eric Shelton of Texas – A Man of Travel

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman who has been working in the oil and energy industry for many years now. Eric has accumulated a set of skills and experiences that makes him a valuable asset in his field, but says that he cannot solely be described by what he does for a living, as it only makes up a small portion of who he is as a person. Eric says that he personally loves to travel, and has always taken an interest in it ever since he was just a child. Eric says that not only is traveling exciting, but it is a learning experience that leaves you with ample opportunities to learn and grow. Eric says that the world is full of many interesting and exciting cultures and landscapes, people and ideologies that make exploring it a must for anyone. Eric says a man who is unwilling to leave his home is an unfortunate soul, as he is limiting himself to experiencing some of the greatest spectacles the world has to offer. Eric says that he loves to travel to exotic locations and sample the local fare, whether it be in the form of food, sports, or just plain fun. Eric says that every location and people around the world has something unique and novel to discover. Eric says that this is exactly why he often offers special incentives for his employees to go on vacations, because they get to experience something enriching as well.

211-431a5528206aeb968f13b31c7876fdf7_Kid+and+IEric Shelton of Texas says that if you want to experience something that will help change your perspective and attitude towards life, he encourages you to travel. Eric says that a week trip abroad is all it takes to show you the immensity and wonder of the world and everybody in it.

Eric Shelton of Texas: Being Positive

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and marketing manager, as well as president of his own well servicing company in the energy industry. Eric says that over the years he has been met with many obstacles, both personally and professionally in his life, and that there have been trials he wasn’t sure that he would ever surmount. Looking back now Eric realizes that though he may have failed, he did not, and he often wonders why he succeeded where others did not. What he has come to realize however is that the difference between successfully navigating your problems or falling short comes down to whether or not you approached something with a positive attitude. Eric says that in life, mindset and attitude is everything. Eric says that much like the placebo effect in clinical trials, the mind influences both the physical and psychological realm in ways that most people would not believe. It is for that reason that we are constantly bombarded by motivational posters that urge us to be positive. Why would so many people get behind this message if it was not effective? The truth is that they do it because they truly believe in that message, which in itself gives the message power. Eric says by keeping your positivity about something even in the grimmest of times, you have an inherent advantage over those who tend to think more negatively, as it demotivates them and muddles the mind as well.

Eric Shelton of Texas has spent the majority of his profession career finding ways to remain positive not only about his business, but about the energy field in general. Eric says that optimism coupled with altruism is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and the key to being successful personally and professionally.

Eric Shelton of Texas – Business Strategy

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and co-owner of his own well servicing company in the energy industry. Eric has been in the energy field working in and around Texas for many years of his professional career, developing a strong set of skills in the process. One of these skills is to develop and implement effective business strategies that work towards goals and plan for the future.

Eric Shelton Texas (4)

Eric says that the key to any successful business is a good marketing and business strategy, an all-encompassing one that analyzes and interprets business statistics and information. Eric says that knowing things like your target demographic and even just the raw volume of potential customers and consumers in the area can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Eric Shelton Texas says that business strategy is what separates small business from the might and power of a mega corporation. Eric says that employment of efficient strategies allow for steady increases in revenue as well as an ability to cut out ineffectual and overweight portions of the company that are hurting the bottom line. Eric says that he himself has seen a startling difference in company efficacy when utilizing a good business strategy.

Eric Shelton of Texas says that the key to knowing if a business strategy or methodology is going to be useful or not, is doing proper research. Eric says that some of the best strategies in the business are ones that have been inspired or taken from other strategies that have proven effectiveness. Eric says that business strategy is at its best when it uses a hybrid compilation of different effective strategies to help create one unique to your business. This is almost a sure fire way to be successful in the business world.