Eric Shelton Texas – Cattle Herding Tips

Cattle herding is a skilled task that requires lots of hands-on experience. It is not something that you should do alone, nor is it something that should be done without any preparation. You need a plan in place for any unexpected scenario and at the very least you need to be able to react quickly and correctly. Here are a few tips for herding cattle.

•    It’s best to move the cows in the afternoon because then the herd will arrive at their new pasture in the evening when the calves are ready to sleep. A herd will stay where the calves are sleeping, therefore, to make it easier for yourself, get to your destination when the calves are ready to sleep.

•    When moving the herd, make sure that the cows and calves are not getting separated and that they have time to graze. Calves will easily get lost if separated. Letting cows rest and graze will be easier on you and the herd in the long run.

•    Stay with the herd once you have arrived at the new pasture. This is called the “defusing movement.” Stay with the herd until they have settled down and started grazing. This tells you that they cows are at ease and won’t separate from each other in a panic.

Eric Shelton runs his family ranch in Texas. He is responsible for taking car of the logistics of taking care of a farm including the livestock. His family ranch his home to a herd of cattle. He is the president and co-owner of Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC.


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