Eric Shelton of Texas – Work Hard, Play Hard

Eric Shelton of Texas says that his success has been the result of putting in blood, sweat and tears, plus constancy. He says discipline and dedication are the main keys to being successful, but that doesn’t mean to give up the fun. He is a businessman and president of his own company, who has years of experience in the energy industry. Eric Shelton enjoys what he does for a living and wouldn’t change a thing in his life. Eric Shelton says that this is the result of both a natural talent, as well as through hard work and dedication.

Eric Shelton Texas
Eric Shelton Texas

Eric Shelton feels that dedication is an important trait to have because without it nothing will get done. It’s very easy to say we want a better job or a healthier family, but without the dedication to follow through on those statements and make them happen, they’re just empty words. If everyone decided tomorrow that no one was going got go to work, anywhere, what would happen? Trains, Airports and buses would shut down. Stores would not open. Schools would be empty. If, however, everyone was dedicated to their lives, communities and jobs, then everything would continues to function from day to day without much trouble.

Additionally, having no dedication means, for younger individuals, would be no motivation to do things like continue their education. For older individuals it would lead to the loss of a job, family and home. Day to day life would be disrupted, and societal and personal changes might never have a chance to occur. It’s important for society to feel dedication for making a difference in the world.


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