13. Eric Shelton of Texas – A Man of Travel

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman who has been working in the oil and energy industry for many years now. Eric has accumulated a set of skills and experiences that makes him a valuable asset in his field, but says that he cannot solely be described by what he does for a living, as it only makes up a small portion of who he is as a person. Eric says that he personally loves to travel, and has always taken an interest in it ever since he was just a child. Eric says that not only is traveling exciting, but it is a learning experience that leaves you with ample opportunities to learn and grow. Eric says that the world is full of many interesting and exciting cultures and landscapes, people and ideologies that make exploring it a must for anyone. Eric says a man who is unwilling to leave his home is an unfortunate soul, as he is limiting himself to experiencing some of the greatest spectacles the world has to offer. Eric says that he loves to travel to exotic locations and sample the local fare, whether it be in the form of food, sports, or just plain fun. Eric says that every location and people around the world has something unique and novel to discover. Eric says that this is exactly why he often offers special incentives for his employees to go on vacations, because they get to experience something enriching as well.

211-431a5528206aeb968f13b31c7876fdf7_Kid+and+IEric Shelton of Texas says that if you want to experience something that will help change your perspective and attitude towards life, he encourages you to travel. Eric says that a week trip abroad is all it takes to show you the immensity and wonder of the world and everybody in it.


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