Eric Shelton of Texas: Being Positive

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and marketing manager, as well as president of his own well servicing company in the energy industry. Eric says that over the years he has been met with many obstacles, both personally and professionally in his life, and that there have been trials he wasn’t sure that he would ever surmount. Looking back now Eric realizes that though he may have failed, he did not, and he often wonders why he succeeded where others did not. What he has come to realize however is that the difference between successfully navigating your problems or falling short comes down to whether or not you approached something with a positive attitude. Eric says that in life, mindset and attitude is everything. Eric says that much like the placebo effect in clinical trials, the mind influences both the physical and psychological realm in ways that most people would not believe. It is for that reason that we are constantly bombarded by motivational posters that urge us to be positive. Why would so many people get behind this message if it was not effective? The truth is that they do it because they truly believe in that message, which in itself gives the message power. Eric says by keeping your positivity about something even in the grimmest of times, you have an inherent advantage over those who tend to think more negatively, as it demotivates them and muddles the mind as well.

Eric Shelton of Texas has spent the majority of his profession career finding ways to remain positive not only about his business, but about the energy field in general. Eric says that optimism coupled with altruism is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and the key to being successful personally and professionally.


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